GPRS wireless case

The case of wireless LED display system for bus

Brief description:
The case of wireless LED display system for bus

Overview of wireless LED display system of bus

Wireless LED display system is mainly composed of LED bus in vehicle display, wireless LED control card, LED display control software. With the city bus system, can displayvehicle information, lines and weather, announcement, advertising and other media information.




Wireless LED display system of bus advantage:

 2.1 GPRS network support:

Wireless transmission media, ensure user monitoring and real time monitoring system;wireless communication, real-time and convenient update to ensure dissemination ofinformation elements.

The illustrations, rich in content:

Wireless LED display screen, support flash, GIF format images and text, to meet thecommercial advertisement at the same time, play is closely linked with the city lifeprediction, early warning information, such as news headlines, enhance the dependence of the audience to the media, to keep the media activity.

To ensure the network security and information security:

Through the electronic filter, digital authentication, data encryption, multiple artificialclassification review, strict information release system and so on the many kinds ofinformation security measures to prevent bad information.

The wider: terminal number, area big, wide coverage

The faster: advertising cycle is short, high arrival rate

The more concentrated: regional focus, time, audience focus

The more direct: Lock city mainstream consumer groups, the terminal

The more flexible: put the number, area, time of arbitrary cutting

The cheaper: low CPM, low production cost, low delivery risk

The bus scenario of wireless LED display system
公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统                       公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统
公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统                       公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统
公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统                       公交车车载无线LED显示屏系统


LED wireless information cluster system:

The GPRS wireless control card is installed



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