Wireless case

Wireless led display screen system case for taxi cases

Brief description:
Wireless led display screen system for bus is consist of led display screen, wireless led control card,led display control system. With the help of the taxi management system, it can display the information of cars, bus line, weather, announcement, advertisement,etc.
 The advantage of wireless led display screen system for taxi
High coverage rate.The driving route of a taxi is not fixed, like each big business district, commercial financial district, residential area, the station and other regions, we’ll have access to the high frequency advertisement while travel, stay home, do business, or go shopping.
High arrival rate and mandatory.According to authoritative survey, car advertising is the highest arrival rate media in outdoor advertising,which has caused most of people’s attention in city .Passengers are forced to accept advertising information, then get the information of products and brands unconsciously.

High efficiency low cost.Taxi advertising aimed at enterprise target market accurately, it has high liquidity, wide range, flexible, spread brand information accurately.Taxi advertising related the most active and the largest consumer groups.Compared with traditional mass media,it gains more targeted audience, and costs the lower.

High repetition rate.Repeat 20 hours all day, so each car nearly has 600 hours of effective promotion every month



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