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Warm congratulations to grind a shenzhen electronic commerce chamber of commerce member of color science and technology

Date:2014-11-04 13:10
      In October 2014, shenzhen research color technology co., LTD. Very honored to join the shenzhen electronic commerce chamber of commerce in China, and become a member of, mark research color science and technology has in LED control card industry sustainable development laid a solid foundation and great strength. Also won the business partners from all walks of life.
       Shenzhen electronic chamber of commerce is by the shenzhen engaged in electronic products production, management, scientific research, teaching, service enterprises and groups of voluntary and non-profit community groups, is an important group member of China electronic chamber of commerce.
      Research color science and technology as the leader of the wireless LED control card industry brand, the join of shenzhen electronic chamber of commerce, becoming the first LED control card industry in chamber of commerce member enterprise, reflects the research brand color science and technology and further sublimation of the service concept. In today's big construction, development and environment, excellent brand and perfect after-sale service system is particularly important, is backed by the development and progress of industry, research of color science and technology as the world's leading technology of the wireless LED control card manufacturers, through constant technological innovation, is leading wireless LED control card industry into a new level.
      We will deliver, under the guidance of our leaders, with first-class service, quality products, good reputation and perfect after-sales service; Adhering to the "sincere cooperation, create a win-win" principle, to create greater value to feedback from, to give back to society.

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