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To study the new secret weapon - color full-color LED display asynchronous full-color LED control card

Date:2014-11-04 13:16

     Color science and technology keep up with the pace of The Times, constantly blaze new trails, break through the bottleneck of traditional led technology, developed specifically for full-color led advertising screen using asynchronous full-color led control card the EX - 200 main characteristics of them are as follows:


1, mainly through the asynchronous control card technology to effectively solve the synchronization system, unable to remotely control technology of cluster management weaknesses. Solve the advertising before a few years the development of LED industry confused problems.

 2, control card can be wired broadband, wireless, 3 g GPRS access to the Internet;

3, the installation of control software users can access the Internet anytime and anywhere, realize long-distance control, independent of the control of different users;

4, control card can completely offline use, do not need to operate the real-time online power supply, such as cost savings.


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