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LED display control card products to upgrade to create new markets

Date:2014-11-04 13:13
        LED display control card industry competition in the market environment for full-color LED display control card product profit is more and more small, each LED display control card companies are focusing on the development of LED display control card, LED display control card product upgrading to create new market space is a way out of the dilemma is very good.
  LED display control card of product upgrading can be divided into two aspects: first, the original LED display control card products formed by the service life of the alternative. Control the life for five years or so commonly. Over the past five years, can say is the most gold five years, China LED display LED display in advertising, stage, sports venues and so on various applications received great popularity. So in the next few years, there will be a lot to use time limit control CARDS need to be replaced, this undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise. Secondly, it is new technology, new products to replace traditional product formation.
Development so far, the industry has two trends worth enterprise attention.
  First, the wireless LED control card to replace the conventional LED the trend of the control card. With the enlargement of the LED display market, more and more large scale project. Control card product cannot have satisfied before, cluster management of the project, such as remote control requirements. The emergence of the wireless LED control card timely meet these requirements, as not falling, wireless control card products prices are falling, the wireless LED control card instead of the conventional LED control card is inevitable trend. Second, it is full color LED display control card instead of single and double color control card. Market in LED screen, LED full-color display screen has become the market mainstream products, but in the screen door to represent the LED screen market, is still single and double color products. But with the progress of technology and cost down, the door of the last line of defence as single and double color products first screen market, will soon be breached by full-color LED display. So the full-color LED display control card at the same time also will replace single and double
 LED display of renewal will bring new growth drivers to industry, LED advertising machine, LED display screen will be small spacing for the industry to open up new markets.

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