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The wireless LED control card infinite space

Date:2014-11-04 17:14

       Since LED development, quickly replaced many traditional media advertising. In the control card industry alone has been in the form of serial port industry gradually eliminated, U disk is the most basic control card in the LED industry, no wiring, easy to change the content, the price is favorable, is the basic safeguard, individual user profit wholesaler, and wireless LED control card is in the industry is darling.

      Single and double color LED wireless control card without wiring, can realize remote control, centralized management of the basic functions, widely used in the commercial chain, community service, bank head screen door, lottery, induced traffic, etc. These are all meet the display text, to do propaganda effect. With the development of the competition, the wireless LED control card also has automatic download Chinese meteorological information network weather forecast, automatic updates on the LED screen, and offline sending, alarm function. So, of course, in the industry, this kind of single and double color wireless control card still have very big development space, applied to various industries.

         Full-color LED display is now the latest must-haves in the burgeoning industry, in the 2010 Shanghai world expo, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the United States New York's times square CBD core area and shenzhen nanshan science and technology park of LED display not only has the function of advertising marketing, is the world famous enterprise status symbol - the dominant enterprises of different industries to broadcast ads here, at the same time here broadcast advertising enterprises have let people sensed its brand position in the world. Full-color LED control card is inherently have U disk, so that the function of WIFI, again on the foundation has the function of remote wireless industry is the latest in beginning, will more than double color more popular wireless control card, has unlimited space.

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