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Full color LED display ten development trends in the future

Date:2014-11-04 17:15

       In 2014 full-color LED display screen was slowly replaced with some single and double color. Competitors in the industry could see that the development of full-color LED display has unlimited space, this cake is very big, there are a lot of competitors, who can share this cake.

       Full color LED display the future development trend of ten, you mastered? In the future, full-color LED display will continue to improve product technology, expand the market space, play to the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time, more beautiful and creative new applications.

       Boil down to, the future full-color LED display will show the screen super flow, high density, energy saving, intelligent, slim, point by point calibration normalization, civilian and screen, outdoor, indoor decorative landscape and display screen, combining enterprise engaged in development trend of lighting the top ten.

      Full-color LED display outbreaks must also drives the development of full-color LED control system, full-color LED control system is the CPU full color, at the request of the development trend of the top ten full-color LED control system to have greater power technology to realize such a function, we are looking forward to the better development of full-color LED display.

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