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LED display industry is growing rapidly

Date:2014-11-04 17:19
       Full color LED display is one of the major growth point of LED display market. LED display with high brightness, big Angle of view, the visual distance, flexible modelling, and the advantages of rich colors, can meet the requirements of different application scenarios, especially in large size display application has obvious advantages.
       In recent years, the traditional single and double color LED display market has tended to saturation, full-color LED display is a burgeoning, full-color LED display on the outdoor media advertising has a very big advantage. More and more outdoor full-color LED display way adopted by advertising. The rise of full-color LED display and LED to another kind of product, LED control card, especially the development of full-color LED control card.
       LED display industry of our country since the 1990 s after the start is always maintained a rapid development, contributed to the early stages of the LED industry prosperity. At present, the global LED display market is still in the rising stage. According to the Chinese optical photoelectron industry association forecast earlier, in 2013 China LED display market scale of up to 24.094 billion yuan.
  Sinolink securities research report said, the LED display market in the future will still keep on growing, the next 3-5 years will remain around 15% growth, among them, LED full-color display faster growth, the average annual growth of around 30%. Display application is expected to become one of the most stable in the application of the domestic LED growth.

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