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The advantage of the wireless LED display control card GSM

Date:2014-11-04 17:22

      The wireless LED display control card is the darling of the LED display, GPRS control card with cluster to send, hierarchical management function and popular among users. GSM SMS control card is easy to operate, no need to log in to the server platform to send information, reduce the cost of server platforms, and users the best choice.

          Intelligence platform synchronized to send, in order to adapt to customers use software operating terminals, GSM short message control card support fetion software platform to send, directly through the information in the form of fetion add mobile phone number for fetion buddies so as to achieve zero information costs. Command sends: using mobile phones to edit the corresponding instructions to send, the GSM SMS control card can send once content, subsequent sent as long as you change the content. Number, you can also set a trust directly through phone received information automatically forwarded to the LED screen directly.

      GSM SMS control card password send professional instruction code, to prevent the invasion of the spam, the operation is simple: smartphone software operations take two steps (edit information, send) fast, convenient, break the industry of the complexity of the instruction to edit. Weather forecast information directly set to trust number, mobile phone received information automatically forwarded to the LED screen, directly to the user, bring people life convenient.

             Wireless GSM SMS control card of LED display control card is widely used to convey instructions, government policy news, weather, moral norms, legal propaganda, public service ads, health knowledge, knowledge of bird flu, life common sense, large-scale promotional activities, etc.

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