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LED display control card to play "golden nine silver ten"

Date:2014-11-04 17:24
     In 2014, as many people in the industry's mouth in the key of the integration, the industry reshuffle, opportunities and challenges coexist. In "golden nine silver ten" before the arrival of the peak season, a lot of screen, control card companies off-season sales orders fell, take this time to save your strength to accept the arrival of the peak season challenge, overweight, increase investment, expansion of the industry, to build production line, develop channels, and so on various ingenious methods.
     According to the current situation, in most companies cope with golden nine silver ten measures mainly include: research and development of new products, channel construction, product launches, dealer meetings, advertising propaganda, etc. In fact, the above five kinds of main measures line has is commonplace. Carried out with the favourable activity, the context in the sales groups, are omnipresent advertising bombing, has sold has sent, the final price is really a less than a, was a price war without gunsmoke.
       Industry many bosses industry says the situation is not so optimistic, think now have said "swan", before the market than there are also some merchants said, now there is a single want orders also sorrow, as though there is order now but not enough hands, according to the market now is very difficult to find workers. Research color science and technology during the coming in October client order quantity increased obviously, did a lot of work early wireless LED control card orders also to sign the contract. Research color science and technology of the wireless LED control card receive recommendations by the public, have absolute advantage of the market.
      In 2014 the arrival of the "golden nine silver ten" can reverse declines of 2014? Have to see the final results in October.

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