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The era of full color LED display, how to choose a full-color LED control card

Date:2014-11-04 17:26
       2014 is a crucial year LED business card, have so a sense of renewal. The wireless LED display and full color LED display is the mainstream of the market, however, use of how to choose them control card? Used by the wireless LED display control card everyone grinds the wireless control of color science and technology is to use the brand. Now is the age of full color LED screen card, subverts the traditional synchronous control, shows full-color displays different wonderful, raised a hot wave of full-color LED display. For full color LED display full-color LED control card how to choose?

    First: full color LED the stability of the control card, this is all products must have all industry, if you use the unstable control card, waste of resources and time, is like a drug, so choose a stable full-color LED control card is a top priority. The second: the off-line control, do not need to have connection control computer, greatly reduces the operating costs of LED display. A more functional general full-color LED control card, support so, U disk, wifi, 3 g wireless communication a variety of ways, one card is multi-purpose.

      Third: product installation is simple, without sending and receiving equipment, simple operation, reduce the cost, time and manpower to waive the late due to the customer not operating software as poor control card for system failure and the after-sales service and cost. Fourth: product prices low, smooth video, graphic and subtitles move smooth and high quality. Full-color LED control card price is uneven, some corresponding manufacturers price is relatively high, but the product performance.

       Research color their own product research and development of science and technology direction of full-color LED control card, products are also in progress as part of the top technology with age. And, as always, to the new and old customers to make a promise, the research of color science and technology products no best only better! Promise one year free warranty, life-long maintenance, avoid the trouble back at home that except you.

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